About Me

I was raised in the Puget Sound. We moved a lot, and I continued the tradition through my late twenties. I’ve lived in eight states including the Western coast, New Jersey and New York, and traveled to various others as well as England and Spain.

Moving back to my native Northwest in my late twenties, a lifelong liberal and “nerd,” I followed a somewhat cliched path to web design in Seattle, working at companies big and small, including Holland America Line, Amazon, and Valve.

Cognitive dissonance eventually reached a critical point while campaigning for Bernie in 2016. In 2018 I joined the ranks of the “Walkaway Democrats,” a national movement fed up with the DNC.

2018 – 2021 saw me walking away from many things, including Seattle/Portland lifestyle, the rent-a-life millennial mindset, and my career in tech and marketing.

Moving to Idaho two years ago, I’ve dedicated myself to homemaking, herbalism, DIY, and the real world.

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