Hi, my name is Palmer Davis. I operated as Waking Up Washington for most of 2021.


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    Please stay in touch on Telegram or Rumble. Rest & Prepare Posted May 11 I think a lot about the condition of the freedom community. The worst times are the […]
  • Trans Undies, Liberal Panic, Local Updates
    Baby Cyrus case dropped! CDC admits it obtained large amounts of phone data to track covid compliance. Reporting on the issue, VICE admits, “the use of cellphone location data for […]
  • The Accuser
    The strange truth is that very little reference to a specific entity named Satan in the Old Testament. The snake who tempts Eve in Genesis doesn’t have a name. We […]
  • Waking Up… More.
    I obsess a lot about what freedom actually means. The Millennial Left, of which I was a part, is taught a “Huck Finn” type of freedom – the kind of […]
  • Martha released
    Martha Cortes released from Idaho County jail thanks to son’s legal efforts and David Straight’s insight.
  • Why I’m not New Age and why it matters what we believe
  • This is revival, not revolution
  • Encouraging Updates from Scott, Rob & Manny
    Perhaps Jesus is demonstrating the power of rebirth by bringing fresh energy to activists in this season. Below are updates from three people I was lucky to work with last […]
  • Who is “they”?
    My favorite (ungrammatical) question: Who is they? Bear with me as I go “full tinfoil hat” for a sec. David Icke has talked for decades about a race of reptilians […]
  • Help Martha & Marisol Cortes
    Martha Cortes, innocent mother of autistic Marisol Cortes and Battle Ground mayor Adrian Cortes, was arrested Friday by deputies of the Idaho County Sheriff’s department. She is being held without […]
  • Resources for Sanity
    Hi guys. It’s me. I’ve been working on my new li’l home, getting grounded, and contemplating future projects. To me, this totally feels like last summer – a season where […]
  • Heaven on Earth, Hell on Earth
    We expected Jesus to liberate us from Rome. To be the conquering king. Not the kind of king who rules over an invisible kingdom – a “kingdom of heaven.” Yet […]

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