This is the brain dump of a gal named Palmer.

Join me as I navigate the nutty world of the awakened activist and Christian surviving apocalypse in the Northwest.

Posts to read to get up to speed:

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A really rough timeline:

  • Decided to be a writer when I was 9
  • Started hand-coding HTML/CSS sites in the early 2000s to promote my first children’s book
  • Moved to NJ/NY in 2006, became a recruiter for a creative staffing agency
  • Built my first “for reals” website (Drupal) for the organization I was working for in 2009
  • Moved back to WA and started my first full-time web job in late 2010/early ‘11
  • Did the freelance design/dev rounds: Valve, Amazon, Holland America Line
  • Worked as the director of marketing/design/branding at a picture framing company for about four years
  • Fled Seattle to PDX in 2008
  • Fled PDX to the Vancouver area late 2019
  • Did a mic drop at the above company over woke policies and devoted myself to activism fulltime Nov 2020-Nov 2021 (as Waking Up Washington)
  • Moved to Idaho late 2021