Help the Cortes Family


Martha Cortes has just been arrested by the sheriff in Grangeville, Idaho and her autistic daughter Marisol taken from her.

Biased Washington courts have granted custody to Marisol’s brother, Mayor Adrian Cortes of Battle Ground. If Marisol is put in the custody of her brother, he is committed to giving her the shot against her own doctor’s recommendations.

How you can help: Donate to their GiveSendGo and/or call the Sheriff’s office 208-983-1100. You can either ask as a friend of Martha Cortes if there is anything you can do for her (they need to know she is a good woman with people vouching for her), or you can ask for a deputy and give them legal notice:

“You are are operating in violation of Title 18 § 242 & 241, depriving Martha Cortes of her rights under color of law.”

You are officially on notice for carrying out such violation & will be held liable for not upholding your constitutional oath & evicting federal agents from your county. All individual partaking in the stated infraction shall be held liable under Federal code.”

History of the Cortes Battle

September: Brother Emmanuel Cortes speaks out against Mayor Adrian Cortes at our rally supporting medical freedom ordinance.

We then protested at Adrian’s house since he wouldn’t let us be heard at City Hall.

November: Adrian petitions to take sister and force her to vax.

Interview with Stew Peters:

Follow up with Stew Peters:

Sign me up: a conversation between Palmer and Emmanuel

Support Martha Cortes by donating at GiveSendGo

Martha and Marisol moved to Idaho in late 2021 and have been living there peacefully until this arrest.