Avoiding the COVID Jab

What you can do

  1. Legal action: The only firm we know of currently pursuing lawsuits is Silent Majority Foundation.
  2. Give your employer a Constructive Notice that their vaccine rule is illegal.
  3. Commoner Law Group offers an approach to taking legal action. This is a series of documents you serve to your employer. It is a 1:1 process where you personally give notice to your managers that they are wrongfully infringing on your legal rights. You can also email WAcommonlaw@protonmail.com directly for updated WA documents.
  4. Submit a medical or religious exemption. See below.


The recommendation is to have an exemption prepared, but wait until the last possible time to turn it in. This would slow down the process of terminating you. It also helps provide grounds for a potential wrongful termination case.

References on how to write an exemption:

Additional Resources

Peggy Hall aka “The Healthy American” has a rich library of videos, printable flyers and resources for those seeking to defend their medical freedom.

Children’s Health Defense is the go-to for informed consent activists.

The Highwire with Del Bigtree is an authoritative, popular, and entertaining video channel that explores everything medical freedom.

Rep. Jim Walsh, 19th District is leading the charge on protecting your medical freedom. You can subscribe to email updates from him on his webpage.


Talking Points

  • They are not vaccines, they are experimental drugs.
  • The FDA has not approved them.
  • This means it is illegal to require anyone to take them. The Nuremberg Code is a medical ethics document written in response to Nazi experimentation. It prevents doctors from forcing or coercing someone into taking experimental drugs. This is considered a universal human right.
  • In Washington, because King Inslee can’t require vaccination, he is incentivizing it. Businesses can expand capacity, unmask, etc based on whether patrons or employees vaccinate. This could easily lead to discrimination or coercion, but we have to take it to the courts.