Waking Up… More.

Waking Up… More.

I obsess a lot about what freedom actually means. The Millennial Left, of which I was a part, is taught a “Huck Finn” type of freedom – the kind of freedom that can only come when you live in a functional society that will provide for your needs.

Huck could pull his raft over and beg, borrow or steal from any local – because they were farmers, sharecroppers, hunters. Without them, he would have starved.

These days you can rent or subscribe to everything from meal boxes to edibles, movies to shoes.

Obviously, if everyone rents their life, no one invests, builds or develops that which we need to rent. The (corporate) Nanny State has to. And to do so, she has to take much of your income and rights in order to give you what you need.

At first, Nanny gives you what you want. Eventually she’ll give you what she wants.

What they don’t tell you in college these days is that without property, you can’t be free. Freedom can’t be granted by others, it can only come from your own ability to take care of yourself.

But in this case, of course, I’m talking about freedom to self-govern.

The Woke class is not taught this, in fact it is taught to increase codependence amongst its members, tracking, honoring and obsessing over each person’s identity, allergies, triggers, and so on. The Millennial Left is enslaved to itself as a tribe, and by extension, enslaved to the Corporate Nanny State that must enforce its special needs.

A global preschool of the intentionally disenfranchised.

Young people are offered freedom from responsibility (property, family, commitment) today so that, tomorrow, none of us can own anything.

Been there, done that, don’t recommend it.

I know most of you understand this fundamental concept but I’m spelling it out because it is critical to our coming discussions.

If one does not want to live like that, how should one then live?

As we each discover the spellbinding narcissism of our elected officials and confront our own ignorance as to how to possess and preserve our rights, we ask:

If not this, what?

We try to push back, but we’re met with ambivalence. Marches are ignored. School boards press charges against parents. Sheriffs stammer when asked about the Constitution. Doctors laugh at you when you question their protocol.

How many of us have asked ourselves, Is there any way to fix this short of dismantling it and starting over?

Must we wait for revolution? It’s not a pretty though, but since January 2021, how many have thought it?

Last summer I went for a walk along the Columbia down at Frenchman’s Bar in Vancouver. I needed direction, and I like to wander off like a lunatic and pray outside. At the time, I was being asked to get involved in local politics, but was also turned off by what I saw as too much ego and too little efficiency.

My prayer was, “Lord, do you want me to walk through these open doors? Or are they a distraction?”

I was surprised by what I heard: I gave you a system and I want you to use it.

I understood “You” to mean us, We the People. The image in my mind that came with the word “system” was a general collection of political symbols – the Declaration of Independence, capitol buildings with pillars and domed ceilings, Main Street.

In other words, Don’t give up. America’s political foundations are good. They are inspired by God. And he wants us to use them.

Yet I haven’t known how to be faithful to God’s word… I haven’t known how to fix it enough to use it. Y’all know. I’ve done the research, watched the videos, read the books, had the conversations, waved the signs, walked the streets, and prayed the prayers.

In the end most of it felt, I’m sorry to say, pretty darn futile, and here I am.

What happened this week with Martha Cortes’ case has convinced me that “the system” God gave us is good… but it is up to us to get back to it. Doing so goes beyond educating our county sheriffs on the Constitution. It requires that each of us take some fairly dramatic steps to educate ourselves and then extricate ourselves from a ritual we did not know we were participating in.

One in which “they” pretend we are following the same set of rules, when in fact, we most definitely are not.

Remember in the Matrix when Neo pulls out the plugs and staggers out to meet the folks on the ship, forced to confront that his entire life up to that point had been a living dream? Even then, it takes him the entire movie to embrace the implications. If the world he knew was virtual, all he had to do to master it was to decide to.

Knock, and the door will be opened.

I believe we are now on the cusp of that level of awakening. Watch the videos below and stay in touch. We have work to do.

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