Encouraging Updates from Scott, Rob & Manny

Encouraging Updates from Scott, Rob & Manny

Perhaps Jesus is demonstrating the power of rebirth by bringing fresh energy to activists in this season. Below are updates from three people I was lucky to work with last year, who are only increasing their efforts now.

Reform Clark County with Rob Anderson

“Recovering Pastor” Rob Anderson, who spearheaded last year’s petition effort against Clark County vax mandates, is launching a new action group, Reform Clark County, to develop long term strategies to defend Constitutional values in SW WA. Among other things, they will support Constitutional candidates running for County Council. Their first meetup is tonight, April 19 at 7pm at Aero Club Banquet Room in Vancouver.

Educating Idaho County Sheriff Ulmer

Martha Cortes is imprisoned in Idaho County facing “extradition” to Washington. Her son, Battle Ground Mayor Adrian Cortes, took custody of sister Marisol while watching his mother be handcuffed and taken to jail. We have no idea how Marisol is doing without her mother, whom she loves dearly.

Their story is detailed at HelpMartha.com.

Son Emmanuel Cortes visited the Idaho County jail and met with the sheriff yesterday. I’m sharing this recording because it is an excellent example of how to make one’s point calmly and reasonably. In spite of repeatedly trying to discredit and silence Emmanuel, Ulmer ultimately has to hear him out. Emmanuel’s calm is the result of hours of research and the help of other activists who have been diving deep into what a Constitutional legal system should actually look like. Hint: it will require a lot of civil disobedience on our part to get it back… if we ever actually had it.

One of our goals should be to elect Sheriffs who are more concerned with our Constitutional rights than the needs of our bloated, largely unConstitutional court system. My brain hurts from everything I’ve learned lately about this, and I’ve only scratched the surface. If you’re interested in learning more, watch this series by David Straight.

Scott Miller’s Next Steps

Scott posted the message below to Facebook on Easter Sunday. I wanted to share it with those of you who don’t use FB (and good for you!). Scott is the PA we supported last year for his tireless efforts in treating people with “exposure issues.” From Scott:

I ran into a woman at church two weeks ago that I had previously treated, and she asked how things were going and that people had been asking her how I was doing and the status of my license. She encouraged me to update my community.

I will do this in Scott fashion, by writing way more than is necessary and sharing far more than I probably should. And procrastinating, as I wrote this about an hour after speaking with her.

I have probably written over 10 Facebook post drafts to share or try to express my gratitude for the thousands of people that have supported me, Shelly, my children, my office, and my truly Amazing staff.

Some of the drafts were pretty good, where I felt like I almost captured and conveyed the love I have for my community and the humility that my heart has felt throughout the entirety of this truly amazing, improbable, rewarding, painful, self-destructive, and often insane mission.

I had been given, or directed to information very early on in 2020, where I felt that I had been gifted a currency of knowledge, or talents. The only question God presented me was, what will I do with the currency I was given.

It was a hard thing to fathom, to fully trust God, because to use the currency he gave me, which would allow healing of many, meant to likely incur catastrophic loss. I recall watching the Ron Johnson Second Opinion Rumble video, highlighting people that had treated thousands of patients, setting up telemedicine services to care for sick people. The main attack against me with treating covid patients was that I did not see them in-person, all while I was one of the only medical practices over the course of about a year that exclusively saw patients in- person, didn’t require masks and shook hands or hugged families, to show them that humanity still exists in a time of manufactured fear and that I wasn’t afraid of something I could easily treat.

(The bio weapon is real), the loss of life is real, the destruction of the family unit for so many is real). But in the context of my dedication to the wellness of children/families, the decisions made, in upholding truth/knowledge, educating my community, and protecting God’s Laws, I have also let so many people down, and for that I am deeply apologetic!

I am currently surrounded by thousands of pages of indictments against me. But as I go through the piles of stupidity, I think about the medical commission’s decision to choose me to attack, and I am grateful that they picked me. I have the opportunity to go through thousands of pages of hospital notes to see where the orders were made to kill a patient. It’s painful, I repeatedly relive the experiences every time I read through the hospital notes, and I relive them in my nightmares. I think about all of the people I was able to get out of the ICU and painfully reflect on the things I did wrong when trying to encourage an intensivist or pulmonologist to do something, anything, to preserve the life of an innocent human being.

I wrote a very long piece about this the day that I had to file for bankruptcy and say goodbye to the women that were integral in helping me build my practice. The role these women played, after a period of time, being able to speak with drawn upon experiences, were often able to keep a loved one home long enough for us to intervene and preserve their life. I can’t say enough about the magical, heroic, indefatigable character of Kerry and Christy.

But this is supposed to be about what’s next. My hearing was postponed and now firmly set for August 8th.

Since the intent all along was to prohibit me from providing an appropriate standard of care and to strip families from patient-based care, and secondarily, destroy me and make an example of, so anyone with a medical license will fear….
Well that’s not a good update.

The update is twofold; first, guns blazing, subpoenas for those responsible for the devastation in our County will be sent and secondarily, I am now a “legally” certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and I am “legally” able to say things to help transform people’s health of all ages that feel they have been let down by our current medical system and don’t know who to trust or where to go to receive help.

What’s been interesting, is to witness community and group leaders with significant means, reaching out when a family member was in critical need, fade off into oblivion as our family needs have become critical.

I want to personally think all of y’all, my wife is Texan, who have supported my family through this protracted attack. I literally don’t have the words, the vocabulary to share the depth of my gratitude and thankfulness for all of your support. It’s one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.

I know who many of you are… That sounds weird – it’s almost crazy to think of the relationships, the bonds that were formed over such short periods of time while trying to preserve life, outside of the 8 years of taking care of children in my community.

Side note, when I say 10 plus drafts, it’s far more than that. I’ve been trying to write this for months. I just don’t feel that I can adequately or appropriately express the mixed emotions of doing everything within my power to protect my community while knowing that it came at the cost of leaving so many children without meaningful care.

So I guess to sum up, until August 8th, when my legal team will be able to expose the the Mountains of Truth, I am relegated to using the vast amounts of knowledge I gained in my certificate course to help families that are looking for Wellness.

Also, never succumb to evil. Search out truth in all that you do. Be a beacon of light to those living in darkness and do it with kindness and respect even if it is never returned.

We are born at specific times in this journey of life. I believe we were all born for this time. For all of you that are living in truth, it is an honor to be able to serve you, and even without a license, to continue to bring light in a time of purposeful darkness.

Happy Easter, might that we reflect on the awesomeness of our savior!

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