Who is “they”?

Who is “they”?

My favorite (ungrammatical) question: Who is they?

Bear with me as I go “full tinfoil hat” for a sec.

David Icke has talked for decades about a race of reptilians pulling the strings. His ideas tie into Q claims about the Deep State. The basic idea is that the global oligarchy is comprised of people who interbred with an alien species. Crazy, right?

We know the Bible refers to “sons of God” – Nephilim – tall, Godlike people living amongst us – in Genesis 6 and Numbers 13.

Dr Bryan Ardis has been on both Health Ranger and Stew Peters recently claiming that COVID, and its “approved” methods of treatment, involve snake venom.

It turns out this is nothing new. Reptilian venom is in many Rx on the market today.

We know the shot alters genetic material. We know lots of kids are abducted every day. We know the machine is pushing a less-than-human version of life: masked, ungendered, isolated.

What if kids are taken, people isolated and injected, and mysterious medications and weapons developed – to make a generation that is, not less human – but more like them?

What if there is a “they?”

One response to “Who is “they”?”

  1. An answer to your question about ‘they’. ‘They’ are those who manipulate fact into fiction whilst pointing fingers at others to make their fictional point become their fact. When ‘they’ label the inoccent with hatefull titles, the innocent typically crumble over and over. This technique of lying has worked for over 30 years in the US (and Canada). Today, lies on the internet are copied and pasted all over the web until the message from fact becomes blurred into an accepted form of fictional fact. “CNN said such and such and so did the Atlantic… thus it must be”. Say something enough times to enough people, and it becomes the truth. Therefore, ‘they’ are not reptiles or dark creatures but, simply, ‘they’ are lost people who take advantage of communication to be reptilian and dark… like. Their souls are lost and they will be souless for eternity but they probably drive a nicer car than I do! And that’s OK!

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