Help Martha & Marisol Cortes

Help Martha & Marisol Cortes

Martha Cortes, innocent mother of autistic Marisol Cortes and Battle Ground mayor Adrian Cortes, was arrested Friday by deputies of the Idaho County Sheriff’s department. She is being held without a warrant or bail at the Idaho County jail awaiting an extradition hearing May 3.

At the arrest, Marisol was given into the custody of her brother Adrian. He has stated that he believes his sister should be vaccinated. We do not know if that has occurred or how Marisol is doing. Adrian refuses to talk to Martha or his brother Emmanuel.

The full story and details are at Please share this link. This is about much more than one family. This is an arrest and imprisonment without warrant, precedent set for eroding parental rights, and the medical violation of a healthy nonconsenting young woman’s body.

Publicly elected / funded positions in two states are involved in this crime. Know their names.
Mayor Adrian Cortes of Battle Ground
Sheriff Doug Ulmer of Idaho County
Guardian ad Litem Lisa Rasmussen

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