Resources for Sanity

Resources for Sanity

Hi guys. It’s me. I’ve been working on my new li’l home, getting grounded, and contemplating future projects. To me, this totally feels like last summer – a season where a lot of folks want to pretend things are getting back to normal while the rest of us brace ourselves for the storm we know is coming.

Last year, the storm came in the form of a vaccine mandate, driving hundreds of thousands of people out of their jobs. It’s difficult to tell where that next storm will come from, except that that the shot has caused a chronic labor shortage, and the Ukrainian situation is being used to create supply shortages.

I continue to feel God’s joy at the restoration that will come on the other side of this, as I have all along. But at the same time we have to recognize that in order to truly “build back better,” more must first be destroyed. Corruption must continue to be exposed, more must be forced to wake up, and our economy shifted so we are forced to become more self-reliant.

I still feel it is unnecessarily exhausting to try to predict what form of crises we’ll face. We know what our needs are regardless of what comes. We know what we need at home, what we need in our heart, and what we need to be right with God. In that spirit, here’s some resources.



Affordable bulk grains from Pleasant Hill Grain come in ready-to-store buckets.

Awesome video library teaching about food storage and the “prepper pantry” by Mary’s Nest.

Inspiration for growing veggies: forest gardens, raised beds, easy hydroponics.


As things get weirder, it’s more important than ever to buy your supplements now so you have them when you get sick or an emergency arises. (Like when an ugly infection led a relative to reach for the colloidal silver I had bought two months before… you don’t need it till you need it, and then you really need it.)

In a perfect world, we’d all have awesome local herbal/natural health shops. But not all of us do, which means we gotta go online.

Websites I order from and recommend:

  • iHerb for vitamins and drugstore stuff.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs for tinctures, bulk teas and dried herbs.
  • PureBulk for bulk supplements. (Note, they don’t typically provide dosing recommendations, you’ll just receive a bag of powder and need to do your own research).
  • Dr Axe / Ancient Nutrition for fancier vitamins and supplements.
  • Recommended by others: Herb Pharm for tinctures and Frontier Co-Op for bulk teas, herbs and supplements.

Hormonal supplements all modern bodies should take:

  • Shilajit: Pineal gland, mental clarity without caffeine.
  • Dried mushroom powder for adrenal burnout: Mushrooms are adaptogens. Most available blends containing chaga, lion’s mane etc are fine.
  • Iodine: I like this one, basically no flavor.

Brain Food

  • Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art highly recommended by a friend.
  • Essential oils… if you haven’t explored this yet, please do. God is really directing my attention here. We are supposed to utilize the natural materials he provided, rather than creating toxic chemicals to “heal” ourselves. In a state of good health, EOs may be overkill. But living as we do in a toxic, pharmakeia-governed world, EOs may be a powerful, God-given way to address severe chronic conditions.
  • Virus theory v parasites… another topic we’ll have to explore soon, but start here.
  • Mike Bickle’s Unceasing Worship app provides an incredible library of recordings and livestreaming from their 24/7 prayer room and beyond.

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  1. Thanks Palmer! I love reading your journal entries. Always chock full of important and relevant information. I couldn’t agree more on eveything you wrote about. I have been exploring essential oils again and love how powerful they are. I just started reading about Bach Flower Essence and herbal tinctures too. I popped into the Healing Arts apothecary in Battle Ground and got myself tinctures for my family. Thanks for everything!

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