Choosing battles

Choosing battles

I have had friends and loved ones gently hypothesize in the past that, when I don’t know what to do next, I can be a bit manic doing all the things. This includes starting new websites and projects. The result is that you wind up with forty links and fifty social media handles and then suddenly…

it all becomes clear.

The projects are exploration, thought process in action. Or several thought processi. Eventually, those threads come together, and become resolve.

After experimenting with different kinds of content on my channels the past couple weeks, I’ve come to the following conclusions.

1. We all know we’re being played.

2. Awake patriots fall into two camps: the preppers, and the fighters. Some fighters prep and some preppers fight, but most of us are way more comfortable doing one over the other.

3. The preppers will probably have a better year than the fighters this year.

4. I would like to be a better prepper, but I always go through these flurries and then come to the same conclusion: I’d rather die firing my last round, than die in a basement surrounded by canned goods. Heck, I’d rather die getting hit over the head with a vegan pizza box by a counter-protester than die prepping.

5. None of it’s going to matter if this video is true. Jamie, you’ve sent me some crazy videos but this one is… whooooo.

Where does this leave us? One, I’ll let the readiness concept with Awake Northwest rest. Folks that like prepping already were, and those of us who don’t, aren’t going to with any enthusiasm just because we have to.

Two, I’ll accept that even if I’m living in a peaceful place right now, God wired me to fight. He also encouraged me to encourage y’all to get out of blue states.

So there must be a battle but not in any one particular geographical region.

Which leads to my third conclusion: this is a spiritual war. Really. We keep saying it, but then we go out with our political flags and march against the tyrants… in Olympia. Or DC. Or Ottawa.

We fixate on the world. We want to fight in the world.

I think we do this in part because it’s overwhelming to admit that God is waging war – possibly the big war – and we have no way to control it, vote on it, or get a refund for it. We’re just in it. Even non-Christians recognize that something genuinely evil, yes, even demonic is going on. Something more than political, more than economic, more than biological.

How do we fight that?

Everyone loves to respond with, “prayer,” but that’s just one component. I haven’t been very forthright about my experiences, but this stuff is very real and it’s no joke.

Prayer is a powerful weapon, but if you’re facing off against spiritual evil, you have to be right with God. You have to be sure of your spiritual position, and a lot of Christians may not realize how much nagging doubts and secret sins can dent our armor.

Yeah, I’m talking about repentance, and letting go, and living like Jesus tells us to. It ain’t easy. I mean, it is once you want to. Until that point, like my pastor says, holding on to the world with one hand really sucks.

Jesus wasn’t a meek guy, but he chose his battles. He counseled to turn the other cheek… against people. Demons? He slapped those bitches silly.

It’s a question of battles chosen.

Let’s go ahead and stockpile, start the garden, try the remedy. That’s all good, in fact vital to our survival as the system rots and collapses.

Let’s stay where we are, or reposition, with our eyes open to the likelihood of financial chaos and limited supplies.

Let’s prepare. Prepare for the uncertain stretches of waiting, prepare to march, prepare for battle.

But let’s also recognize that how we fight, and what we fight, matters. We are not alone. There are forces beyond our control fighting for stakes we don’t understand. We’re gonna have folks screaming at us in the grocery store and projectile vomiting and the whole bit.

And all I can think about, is that this is going to be a helluva lot more fun, than riding it out on the compound in Montana. Which is why I make a terrible prepper. But hey. You know who to ask if you need help casting something out of your nephew.

2 responses to “Choosing battles”

  1. “Prayer is a powerful weapon, but if you’re facing off against spiritual evil, you have to be right with God. You have to be sure of your spiritual position, and a lot of Christians may not realize how much nagging doubts and secret sins can dent our armor.”

    Well said Palmer! We need to be living holy lives. We need to humble ourselves and repent of our sins (past and daily ones bc it’s going to happen). We need to stop placing so much trust in earthly things (people, processes, institutions) and trust the One who created us. We need to stop living for temporary things and live for eternity. Believers should be warriors for Christ and have a long view in sight. Be brave everyone! Galatians 1:10 Colossians 2:8 Matthew 10:6

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