Fighting vs Surviving

Fighting vs Surviving

I posted a video yesterday explaining that I am officially out of Washington and humbly encourage anyone else to as well.

There seems to be a common misperception that I am saying this due to Washington State policies. I’m not.

I’m saying it because things are going to be hard everywhere, and we’re each only capable of fighting so many battles at one time. I’m talking about finding food, driving highways safely, weathering power outages, finding someone to fix your broken dryer.

Please look at what is happening under the narrative. I don’t outline this to be depressing, I outline it because while we’re all watching Inslee and Biden and the trucker convoy, we’re missing the impact of a two-year global shutdown. Even if they don’t do anything else, we are going into a season of extreme hardship dealing with the consequences of what they’ve already done.

People are dying on a massive scale. Beyond any emotional impact this has, it means increasing labor shortages, which means stuff simply doesn’t get done. It can also mean our world could become unpredictably dangerous, as people die in unexpected ways and places. Like on the highway, or in airplanes, or at your surgery table. Heck, even if my recent dream about widespread seizures becomes reality, that alone could debilitate our economy.

Food shortages are not conspiracy theory. I work for a company in the business. They’ve struggled with this for two years. Food can’t come in at the docks. Processing is paused at a moment’s notice due to COVID. Farmers were told last year to discard massive amounts of product – allegedly to then be stockpiled by the government. Other products needed to get food to you, like cans and boxes, run out for the same reasons. And goodness knows what will happen to trucking.

Inflation is happening. Again, you’re not hallucinating. Costs are rising rapidly. They froze our economy while also putting everyone on the dole and increasing spending on all their various nutty environmental and social justice projects. The dollar is a fantasy.

What happens after inflation will be worse. We are sitting under planetary debt that is so complete, it will only take one falling domino to make 2008 look like a birthday party. I know there’s lots of speculation about this being part of the plan to move to digital currency this calendar year. It may be. But whether the goal is crypto or not, please don’t keep your savings in the bank and expect it to still be there next year.

Tyranny is ramping up, not winding down. Let’s not be fooled by the latest news of Washington mandates dropping. Fortunately, most of you aren’t fooled, as shown in the li’l poll I took on Telegram last week:

We have to look at Ottawa (and Paris, and Australia) and expect that to happen here.

Look, I resisted all of this too. I didn’t want to operate out of fear. I wanted to stand my ground. But you get to a point where you realize this isn’t fear or theory. It’s happening.

Meanwhile, in the state of Washington, our vote does not count. There is not time – or the leadership or resources – to fix our election system for this election. Believe me, I was exploring all of it, it’s too little too late. Even if we had a vote, there are not enough strong Republican candidates ready to run for the House to prevent Inslee from flipping open his playbook and enacting whatever fresh hell he has in store for folks next.

Do you see yourself standing in a bread line in the morning and then marching out in protest that afternoon? That’s not how it goes. Survival is tiring.

I am not giving up. I’m encouraging retreat so that we can weather this and come back.

There was no resistance in Germany, but there was in France. Find your France. Get out of Germany while you can control that journey.

Okay Palmer, you’ve depressed the heck out of me, now what?

We evolve. Awake Northwest is a place to document our evolution from consumer to pioneer. This info has been “out there” for a long time, but now is the time to actually do it, and the best way to make that happen, is by learning through doing as a community. We don’t need to listen to other people’s podcasts anymore, we need to roll up our sleeves and compare notes and get started.

What are you actually doing? What would you do differently next time? Help others by sharing your actual experiences.

I need your help writing up the following:

  • State guides. I can work on Idaho, but if you are in another freedom state, please write up what you can for our last remaining refugees. What regions to look at, culture notes, what are schools like etc.
  • Barter tips. I’m looking for personal stories of actual experience using a barter system, even if only for a weekend market. What worked, what didn’t, what was the takeaway?
  • Where to invest. Let’s say one couple has $50k in the bank, and another has $250k in the bank. Where should they put that?
  • Food storage and preservation beyond the white plastic bucket. Freezing, canning, fermenting, dry storage. What works, what doesn’t? Get specific with foods you’ve actually stored. Pics are welcome.
  • Alternative and backup power. What do you use? What do you recommend? Again, get specific with product names, links etc.


You can use your real name or an alias. You can include a short bio to promote a product or website. Base it on your experience personally or professionally. Keep it around 600-800 words. Email me with questions. Visit to learn more.

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