It’s done: Leaving Washington

It’s done: Leaving Washington
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3 responses to “It’s done: Leaving Washington”

  1. Dearest Palmer,

    God bless you! I praise God that you heard the Lord so clearly tell you to get out of this socialist state, and that you have supportive parents who will be with you in Lewiston.

    I agree with you that 60% of the people in Washington (at least) think that Jay Inslee is peachy-keen. He is a sociopath, as you said, and the WA State electorate is not waking up any time soon. For the longest time I said that WA State politics are every bit as ugly as our physical scenery is beautiful, but lately I now have come to realize that the ugliness of our politics here has far surpassed our scenic beauty. And that’s saying something, as you know.

    I live in Seattle, where the nucleus of the cancer is. Our Marxist Seattle City Council is happily endorsed by the Seattle electorate. I plan to escape Seattle, probably to go north, but not sure yet. The Lord is not telling me to leave the state–at least not yet.

    I was in Florida for three weeks in 2017. The spiritual atmosphere there was so light. Came back here and immediately noticed the foreboding and the darkness.

    I wish you the very best in Lewiston. Whatever prosperity exists along the I-5 corridor will not compare with the spiritually light atmosphere that you will be living under there. All the best to you and your parents, and I salute you and admire you for your courage in writing your blog. I love the way you think!

    Jan Sleight

  2. Hi Palmer,

    My family and I moved to Northern Idaho in January. We didn’t want to leave Vancouver, WA. We tried to stay but my husband’s job was no longer safe from the vaxx and the mentally ill (worked in Portland). I resigned from my job as well. I felt alone and outnumbered in my previous employment (a private preschool of all places).
    Since we had moved to Northern Idaho, it’s like living on another planet. We are surrounded by wonderful people and it feels awesome. I feel very blessed.
    While watching your video, I cried because I feel the same about everything going on in Washington. It was heartbreaking to leave but we felt it was time.

    Many blessings,

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