Washington’s latest

The Washington State Senate approves a bill limiting King Inslee’s powers:

Reported by Washougal Moms this morning:

Washougal High locked the doors today and wouldn’t let even the kids with masks in… They will not allow your children to have an education until they bow down to the politics of the school district as they demand full compliance of their illegal orders.

The GRIT Freedom Festival March 5 is offering booth space to vendors and organizations who’d like to connect with patriots. We’re expecting this to be a large event at the capitol with music, speakers and fellowship. Learn more

Stuffy’s Fundraiser Car Show Saturday

Last but not least, support a rebel restaurant that has accumulated, last I heard, nearly 1 mil in L&I fines for staying open. It should be fun.

Updated 4pm to add:

King County ends vax passports March 1

King County Ends Vaccine Requirement March 1

Kettle Falls has dropped mask requirement at schools:

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