Pull it up

Pull it up

I was pulling up carpeting the other day and heard, “This is what it will be like… finding what you needed under something you didn’t.” In this case, I needed the prewar character of old hardwood floors, and found it under the ugly carpet that I had been about to pay someone to replace with soulless laminate.

I was going to pay someone to replace something I didn’t like, with something I didn’t like less, because I hadn’t looked at what was under it. It hadn’t occurred to me that God might have given me exactly what I wanted… if I just looked.

Yep, there’s a good metaphor there.

Why am I yanking up carpet? Well God has blessed me with a job and a house, confirming that I had heard him right – this relocation was indeed his plan.

It wasn’t without tradeoffs. I had to leave my friends behind, embrace a pay cut and half the square footage.

I’m totally okay with making material adjustments. The social part is harder. Not only do I miss people, I struggle to get used to living in a place that is normal-ish. Here, the big box stores don’t make their customers mask up, but their employees have to. Teenagers aren’t being pressured to vax up, but they are experimenting with gender identity. Church is open, but avoiding any tough issues.

Life is easier here, but in a time-portal kind of way. Like a bubble went over the town in 2018 and we’re snug inside, with just little bits of woke drifting through. I sometimes feel like Dr McCoy shouting at people, “You! What planet is this? No! Don’t run! I won’t kill you! It’s they who do the killing!”

City on the Edge of Forever, in which McCoy goes mad due to an experimental injection, jumps through a portal, messes up time, and Kirk falls in love with an activist. To make it right, someone has to die. It’s all so relevant, man.

We don’t really know what’s going to happen next, anywhere, but in the meantime I have a roof over my head and oak under my feet. So I’m adjusting. I’m grateful, I’m learning, I’m reflecting. I’m yanking up carpet.

What I needed was right there underneath. These floors are not perfect, but I spill paint, my cats are cats, who cares. The point is that God is providing. I felt I should mention it in case any of you are still hesitating to put yourself in his hands. He is sending us what we need to survive this season.

If we’re willing to pull up what we know and check out what’s underneath.

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