Forest Gardens & Student Uprising

Forest Gardens & Student Uprising

Awake Northwest has launched with a how-to on creating forest gardens. Awake NW is my new online magazine dedicated to readiness and self-reliance. I consider this particular article something of a pledge. I’ve always had a desire to garden, but had trouble changing my Seattle-native-bad-weather-computer-nerd-stay-indoors habits to actually get outside and figure it out.

As I move into my new li’l home here in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing my adventures not only gardening but also storing food, building a home apothecary, and so on. You can learn from my successes and failures, because after all, what’s an apocalypse without humor.

More articles for Awake Northwest are in the works by the community at large, ranging from conversations with Jim Gale’s team and a patriot tech company, to articles on resilience and natural health alternatives. Please keep your ideas and contributions coming. You can email me, message me on Telegram @palmerdavis or learn more here.

The goal is to create a community of “freedom people” sharing information not only via written articles but also video and online discussion. Many of us who worked on Well Washington projects last year enjoyed the fellowship that happens when we come together around constructive issues (instead of just complaining, which I am as guilty of as anyone). I really felt the need to build that, but at the time, was too busy moving to pull it off. With the right platform, we can continue that regardless of where we’re living. Stay tuned.


Students in Woodland were met by law enforcement and denied entry to their school.

Resistance is mounting. If you’re on my Telegram channel (@awakenorthwest) you know I’ve been super excited to watch not only what’s happening in Ontario but also in Washington middle and high schools. Students are staging unmasked protests all over the state. Multiple lawsuits have been filed, including in Wahkiakum and Benton County.

Posted the other night by Cowlitz County People’s Rights:

Just this morning in Woodland around 60 or so middle school students refused to wear masks! They were met at the doors to the school by the Chief of police in Woodland! He turned them away and told them to leave and call their parents. These children some as young as 9 were sent out to fend for themselves, some of them in shorts. Never were these students checked on again by faculty. No food, no supervision. We had a good group of adults there protesting across the street who fed the kids pizza for lunch. There were about 40 children refused entry to the school.

Back in Ottawa… Y’all probably heard about the attempt to shut down the Trucker Convoy’s GiveSendGo campaign. GiveSendGo’s response has been amazing. I fell in love with the company last summer when one of their employees called to pray for me – something that I learned they offer to do for every campaign. Let’s remember to pray for them; they are a light in the very dark world of tech.

Read about GiveSendGo’s position on Breitbart. Support the Freedom Convoy on GiveSendGo here.

Heavenly Father we ask for your blessing over the brave men, women and families journeying to Ottawa and holding the line for freedom. We ask for continued angelic defense over their hearts and minds, granting them fortitude against attack. We ask they make it home safely on your timeline, Father, and that all needs are met until that time.

Father, thank you for lighting a fire in the hearts of our young people. I pray you continue to fill their hearts with courage as they stand for the freedoms you have granted us. May their courage inspire others and be a testimony to your strength. I ask that you help parents find the resources to reclaim sovereignty over their homes and families – and help us to support each other.

Fill our minds with visions of what America can and will be. We take this walk holding your hand, not fighting or resisting your will, but celebrating the transformation you are taking us through.

Thank you for your continued blessings in my life. May the home I create here serve as a testament to your provision.

I ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Ontario judge has frozen the GiveSendGo donations; folks may want to check that out prior to donating to that campaign.

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