Dreams & Demons

Dreams & Demons

I’ve put off writing about this because it’s uncomfortable and controversial – or more simply, will make me sound insane to some. But I had a dream this morning and woke up hearing, “This is what they want.” It seems time to share.

Events occurred last year that led me to believe that even Christians can indeed experience demonic influence. This may actually be getting worse in the modern era. Technology and medications influence the human mind and, by extension, spirit.

I am also convinced that autism in its most severe form is not mentally incapacitating but only physically incapacitating – making speech impossible. Adding to this, a friend of mine with an autistic son told me recently that he is writing that autism includes, or is even due to, demonic influence. A week or two later, Pastor Locke began preaching the same thing.

Autism often comes with seizures.

Jesus’ ministry included two activities: delivering people from demons, and healing people experiencing seizures. (Matthew 4:24)

Where am I going with all this? Well, it’s easy to speculate about all the mysterious and troubling things they’ve put in the shot, but we sometimes forget the basics. We can look at the impact previous injections have had on an entire generation, and assume similar effects will occur. The aluminum alone could be devastating the body. Seizures, motor impairment, and even shall we say “spiritual side effects” could be inevitable.

Which leads to my dream this morning. It described a mundane sequence of events: I tried to get coffee and pastry, I waited for a subway with my mom, we rode the subway, we talked to a woman on the subway.

It’s all in the details.

  • I was in Portland in the near future. It felt bustling and active, with a European vibe.
  • I was at the head of a very long line to get coffee.
  • I ordered a latte and pastry. My total was $11. It’s been a while since I indulged, but I think this is a bit more than it would be now.
  • Instead, the barista handed me a glass of water and a couple cookies. Let’s say $4 worth of treats.
  • When I asked her to correct the situation, she got flustered. She pointed at the long line, explained that she didn’t know how to use the complex software. I was stuck with an $11 water and cookies.
  • I met my “mom” at the train station. She didn’t resemble my actual mom in any way. My parents were separated.
  • While waiting for the train, I thought about the organization I had just gotten my coffee from. It was part of a nonprofit that included thrift stores and homeless services. It had grown so big that it was almost like a chain or franchise. It was also known for its labyrinthine software, that was very hard for both customers and employees to use.
  • Since we had to wait a while for the train, I wanted to take a nap on one of the benches. But, “I couldn’t go back to sleep now that I was awake.”
  • Now we’re on the subway going through a dark tunnel underground. The train lights keep flickering.
  • As the lights come back on, I begin to panic. Many of the passengers seem troubled, homeless, or suffering other hardship. I know they are basically infested with demons, but I’m concerned that I’ve lost my gift for seeing them. I feel at risk.
  • My “mom” is talking to another woman on the train about all the people who are having trouble with seizures. What should be done?
  • The other woman says with some bitterness, “Yes, I know Republicans talk about the ‘sin of seizures,’ but there will be a yin-yang.”
  • I understand her to mean that conservatives are, in her mind, judging those with seizures, but that we would soon experience something worse.

The meaning of all this may seem obvious, but I’ll break it down just in case.

“It’s what they want.”

Socialism is built on an economy of need. Broken people need social services; healthy, smart, brave people do not. Nonprofits also thrive in environments with a high level of need. Capitalism drives businesses to compete for consumer favor by creating easy to use systems. On the other hand, socialist and nonprofit systems create bureaucracy, bad software, rising costs, and black holes. “They” want American cities with long lines at the coffee shop, $11 water, flickering train lights, and a chain of nonprofits serving the broken.

Parents separated = destruction of family unit.

You can’t go back to sleep once you’ve woken up.

Homeless and sick people influenced by demons… we can find that in Portland today, but the implication was that it was reaching crisis proportions.

The critical bit was at the end. Republicans were judging “the sin of seizures.”

Think about how we feel about the shot, and about those who choose to take it. How will we feel when people start suffering from the shot?

Some could call that suffering the result of sin. I’m hoping we won’t, but Anderson Cooper easily tell his audience that we are. They already do tell liberals that “we” hate “them” because they’re gay, black, curvaceous etc. It’s not true, but the seeds are planted.

Then she says, “but there will be a yin/yang.”

This was a warning. How easy would it be to cripple half the population with a shot, create division and hatred, and then they offer us – the unvaxed – something else. Something we may not be really paying attention to or thinking critically about, because we feel at ease. We were right about the shot, we’re healthy, our guard is down, and we accept… what? What is our yang?

Whatever it is, it won’t be good.

This is what they want: Cripple half the population, kill the other, profit off the mess.

Every day is another choice.

2 responses to “Dreams & Demons”

  1. Palmer – Do you know about Catherine Austin Fitts? She is a national treasure and IMO is one of the smartest and wisest people on the planet. She has extensive knowledge, intelligence, and deep experience having worked in US government as Asst. Secy for Housing and Urban Development years ago. (She also litigated with the Dept. of Justice for a little over a decade, spending a personal fortune, and ultimately prevailed.) Since then, she has become a very well respected whistleblower and thought leader. She is helping educate people to the real (Klaus Schwab, Bill G., WEF etc). agenda, which is to control each and every one of us, in a totalitarian control grid slavery system. Her website solari.com is packed to the gills with great info and resources, much of it is free. For those like you and I, who are born curiouser and curiouser, her subscription service is more than worth the price. Additionally, many of her various interviews, can be seen on bitchute. She is loved and respected by one and all! Ann

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