Write for the patriot community

Write for the patriot community

I’m launching an online magazine called Awake Northwest. We will be focused on solutions to survive and thrive: homesteading, natural wellness, preparedness, homeschooling, civic engagement (practical ways to get involved) and resources for home/underground churches.

Feel like life has become way DIY? Well let’s start sharing information.

Awake Northwest will not be by me. It will be by we the people. Send in your articles, thoughts, ideas, even videos. I’m excited to provide a place for you to share your knowledge and for “freedom people” to find inspiration and information.

We will not be doom-and-glooming, ranting about Biden, or theorizing as to why Fauci wants to kill us all.

We will be talking about how to create a better life. I was talking last night with a woman I helped protest the hospital mandates with last summer. She lost countless hours of sleep trying to find attorneys to help herself and hundreds of coworkers defend their right to informed consent. We couldn’t find one, and in the end, she lost her job. Now a few months later, her family is riding this wave to reset in a good way, selling their house, moving to a more affordable (red) state, and paying off their debt.

We are not the only ones making this journey. Let’s start mapping it out and help each other get fireproof.

Have canning insight to share? Advice for setting up a home classroom? Herbs to replace Rx? Let’s do this.

A lot of wonderful people contributed last year to Well Washington. I hope to draw them back into the fold, writing for Awake Northwest, as well as any of you who have an itch to communicate.

You can learn more about contributing here.

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