Priorities & Peace

Priorities & Peace

I keep having the same conversation, so it might be time to review the FAQs:

Are “they” real? Yes.

Have they done terrible things? Yes.

Do they want to do more terrible things? Yes.

Will they get to do them?

Not sure. But they’re certainly going to try.

Which terrible things are they going to do next? Why are they doing them? What is their end goal?

This is where I usually get a li’l frustrated.

We can’t know what’s next.

Health Ranger won’t tell you. Tucker won’t tell you. Sherri Tenpenny won’t tell you.

They don’t know. They can only speculate. They’re all correct in the big picture sense that, yes, “We are going to hell in a handbasket.” In the more detailed sense, much of the speculation is just clickbait.

I’m not blaming anyone for not knowing, I’m simply arguing we should stop expecting them to. Much less try to ourselves.

A lot of “chaos factors” were thrown at us last year. Biden. The vax. Widespread layoffs and resignation. New school policies and curriculum. Countless businesses failing. Illness, death. Staffing shortages. Supply chain issues. Conflict in the Middle East. Open borders. Inflation.

Trucker convoy today. Atlas has never shrugged so sweetly as he did today in Ottawa.

All these factors create unpredictability, and if combined, can create crises. War + illness = invasion. Debt + inflation = crash. Indoctrination + stress = Nazi youth turning their parents in.

So many possible projections. So little time to run the numbers.

Too many variables have been introduced at once. I was never much for geometry, or physics, but I am confident this equation cannot be completed at this time.

Geez Palmer, you may be thinking. We get it. There’s a lot of bad news out there.

It’s no longer news, it’s reality. A reality where the only thing you can predict is that you can’t predict anything.

Trying to do so will only exhaust you and take time from what you should be doing. Believe me, if trying to understand and predict “their” strategy made us stronger, I would be the first one working on it. But the curtain is too opaque, and the wizard is up to too many spooky things, for us to successfully predict what he’s up to behind it.

And yet so many try. Hey, it’s human nature. We were fooled so profoundly for so long, of course we want to be smarter now. Surely if we woke up to what happened, we can wake up to what will happen.

Nope. Sorry. Too late in the game. Trying is exhausting, and there is other work to do. Shelter must be built, food must be hunted, blades must be cleaned, and prayers must be said.

We are walking through unknown territory armed only with a bag of marshmallows and an old Sears catalog.

All we can know is what to do when arrows start flying, our option will be to Duck, Run, or Shoot back.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. And to be totally selfish, I need to know that you’re going to weather it. I need to know that we, the awake, will still be standing when the tidal waves recede.

I need to know that “they” can’t defeat us with mindgames. Because that’s what’s going on right now. All the headlines, all the videos, all the “What if’ing,” is wearing us down. Distracting us. Overwhelming us.

I need you to be there on the other side. So will you please, please, please, stop watching the videos, and can some vegetables instead.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Let’s run through…

The Practical Patriot’s Checklist

  • I’ve consolidated or, better, paid off my debt
  • I have a pair of shoes, the gun and a Go-bag by the door
  • My car is in good repair
  • I’m walking, hiking or running at least three times a week
  • I’ve come to terms that I’ve done what I can to wake up or prepare the folks I love
  • I’m getting (good) sleep
  • I’m weaning my kids off devices and social media
  • I have a good supply of natural remedies and know how to use them
  • I’m addressing major healthcare needs, getting off Rx, finishing dental work etc
  • I’m ready to show Palmer basic first aid because she’s lame and still hasn’t learned…
  • I’m reading the Bible, like, myself
  • I’m getting better at trusting my husband / believing my wife
  • Hearing Biden’s name does not raise my blood pressure

Have I achieved all this? No… but you can believe that I’m working on it.

Moving on….

Since moving to a new area, my eyes have been opened to the reality that many communities just don’t have the underground / rebel church scene that SW WA does. I will be working on resources to help us start more home group, Bible study, prayer group type gatherings to help awake Christians gather wherever they may be. Cuz I need it, and if I need it, some of you probably do too.

If you would like to be involved, help out, have ideas, etc please feel free to send me a note at Even if I don’t respond, I love hearing from y’all.

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