Actions to take

Actions to take

WA residents: The Board of Health his distributed a questionnaire to parents asking for input on requiring the shot for school children. You know what to do… complete it here.

Clark County residents: The medical freedom petition goes before the County Council February 1. Rob’s group is going to be gathering 5:30pm that evening. They closed the meeting but he’ll be speaking with them on Zoom and hopefully can pass the mic to others (this is tbd). You can also call in with your two minute public comment. Please be there to show support behind this as he asks for their vote. THIS IS THE BIG MOMENT. Details here

Save the date March 5 I’m happy to be helping with a rally at the Capitol that is bringing a lot of groups together. It should be a good one. Details to come.

One response to “Actions to take”

  1. Mandates are not for our free country, we have constitutional rights for a reason. No one should ever be able to overstep someone’s ability to make decisions for themselves and their family. NO to mandatory vaccines, and no to mandatory face coverings.

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