Facing hatred from the jabbed

Facing hatred from the jabbed

6 responses to “Facing hatred from the jabbed”

  1. I so agree with you and it is becoming more evident every day that the divisiveness that they have planted has taken root and is growing more hateful the longer this drags on. I am 72 and work in a shop downtown Olympia. I was in the Peace Corps in Brazil in the mid 70’s and Palmer, I never thought I would see what has happened in our world come to pass in my life time, and especially in my country that I served as a peace ambassador in a humanitarian capacity. I encounter all kinds of people in my job and I’ve stayed healthy and live with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and 3 children all unvaxxed. All but my husband work out in the public, but we take the protocol and take care of ourselves and have watched vaxxed people battle the virus as well as some unvaxxed, and we pray for all and take supplements and food to the vaxxed because they are the least prepared to be sick.
    It is as you say, heartbreaking and scary when you encounter that kind of hatred. I have nothing enlightening to say except that praying (a lot) brings me a calm to face whatever the day may bring.
    With each little piece of hope from
    the truth seekers I feel encouraged but other times it seems like it is taking forever to get done that which we pray for. I have hope when I listen to RFK, Jr and Del Bigtree and you…the fight of our lives, as Bobby says. Thank you for all you have done to enlighten, encourage and bring light in this darkness. Don’t ever give up. I stand with you.
    God Bless you.

    • I am sorry this is even something we have to talk about. The Peace Corps is a beautiful way to serve. Olympia’s not an easy place to be right now. We will be at the Capitol March 5, maybe I can give you a hug then. Take care.

  2. I live in Tacoma. We just moved there. When our new neighbors found out status out they stopped talking to us. I love Washington. Not leaving just want to find other like minded people.

  3. A few months ago I was listening to Bobby Kennedy Jr. and, in a conversation with a friend, he had expressed his frustration about the difficulty of having a cordial conversation about “vaccines” with some people. The friend (I think he said the person is a psychologist) suggested asking a question rather than making a statement. He said that it’s useful because a question is more neutral in nature and a person has to think in order to articulate their rationale which might pave the way for a discussion. Perhaps if you asked “Why do you think people who make the choice not to be vaccinated deserve to die if they become ill?” and then you could go from there depending on her response.

    Smart, rational people whom I have known for years have become fearful, irrational creatures who totally bought the mainstream narrative and got the jab (and boosters!) without giving it any thought at all. They remain firm in their beliefs and will not consider any input (no matter the source) that is contrary to mainstream which has largely portrayed the unvaccinated as carriers and spreaders of disease. Unlike you I do fear Inslee because of his comments that unvaccinated are a “real danger” with a “time bomb in their back pocket”. He also referred to the unvaccinated as “really dangerous”. Inslee is not only a poor excuse for a governor but he is totally unwilling to educate himself by looking beyond his narrow mainstream beliefs.

    Here’s something you can send out to those who need to be enlightened. An explanation is at the top of the document and it is well worth reading.


    Hang in there – your care for others is a wonderful thing!

  4. I tell people that somebody has to remain in the control group to determine how well the largest medical experiment in human history worked and at grave risk to myself, I am bravely volunteering to fill that role.

    It’s interesting that they don’t feel the same about people who have other, preventable health issues caused by their own choices (eg. Smoking, eating unhealthy food) Is they would never say for example, that a smoker who got lung cancer should not be admitted to the hospital and deserves to die.

    I think RFK jr. is onto something when he talks about Goebel’s response at Nuremburg when they asked him how the Nazis were able to get the civilized, highly educated German population to go along with such atrocity- we have to convince more people to disconnect from legacy media- it’s nothing more than state controlled propaganda.

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