Credibility: Why it’s our most valuable (and endangered) asset

Credibility: Why it’s our most valuable (and endangered) asset

Reported Friday, a Maine doctor loses her license and must report for a psych evaluation for spreading “misinformation” (article).

In my video the other day I suggested we focus on sharing one truth: Corporate hospitals do whatever the CDC tells them.

I was talking about clearing the decks to focus on waking folks up to one topic instead of 1,000.

We want to wake folks up to recognize tyranny, to learn the Constitution, to defend their rights. We want to wake folks up to the Satanism practiced in high places, to the darkness of Hollywood, to the question Where are all the missing children going. We want to wake folks up to lies told in the media, lies told in the church, and lies told in the White House.

But we can’t. We’re only going to get one opportunity to get through to someone, and if we mess up at the beginning, I don’t think there’s any coming back. Once you’ve been labeled conspiracy theorist in someone’s mind, they can’t take you seriously after that.

I obsess on this a lot because I was redpilled myself and I know just how hard it is to cross that line in the mind. Some thoughts…

Understand the Program

People are programmed. I don’t say this lightly. The incessant propaganda spread on TV, social media and online news, combined with the persuasive capabilities of the hardware itself (use of color, light, repetition on TV, the addictive design of apps), conditions the mind.

The narrative is all-or-nothing. You have to agree with all of it to qualify as Woke: I agree with systemic racism, I agree all vaccines are good, I agree that gender is a social construct.

Once you question any of it, you’re out. There is no middle ground. The person may still love you and care about you, but they will no longer value your input on science, politics, education. In the back of their mind they have decided to, at best, pity you. You just don’t get it. They are mentally patting you on the head when they listen to you.

You’re a science denier. You’re racist and don’t realize it. You are, as my former boss said once about people who didn’t support BLM, “lacking vision.”

Once someone has decided you’re not with it, the best they’re going to do is pretend to listen. They’re not going to process what you’re saying, much less believe it.

They certainly won’t watch the videos you’re sending.

There is a very real psychological wall built in the mind. You have to realize it has absolutely nothing to do with access to facts. It is all built on emotion. The system has created associations between character and obedience: Kind people mask up to save lives. Sensitive people feel shame over their privilege. Educated people trust science.

No video is going to break through that. They’re not going to watch it in the first place, and if they do, they’re watching with the detachment of a zoologist. This poor patriot, your friend is thinking, watching with 10% of their attention, the rest of their mind devoted to imagining Anderson Cooper laughing at it.

Keep it Local

If you’re going to break through that, it has to be done by planting small, unobtrusive seeds. Seeds that may not bear fruit for months or years.

Don’t start off talking about Pizzagate.

Start off talking about a personal experience you had. Your doctor lost his license for helping people. Your vaccinated patients kept coming in with COVID. Your daughter suffered severe depression because her teacher told her she might be a boy.

Limit your discussion to what is actually happening to you. This is harder to shrug off, after all, they’d be calling you a liar. I’m not saying someone’s going to be instantly receptive, I’m just saying this is the only area where we have a shred of hope. It’s harder to brush off someone’s actual experience, and if the anecdotes start to pile up, so does the cognitive dissonance.

Focus on the What, not the Why

I try to also discourage getting into motivation. If someone is resistant to “conspiracy,” it is almost always because they resist the idea that people could be so evil, much less collaborate to be evil. Why would Bill Gates want to kill people? Why would all these journalists lie?

We have to recognize that when we start explaining why, we are speculating, and we can quickly sound… totally insane. Well, they’re all related to each other, and probably part of the Illuminati, and they do these rituals, and there’s this island where they go to have sex with minors, and it’s all to incriminate each other in exchange for power, so they have to do whatever they’re told…

Is it all true? Maybe. We can’t prove it, at least not today.

Is it happening? YES.

Let’s stop trying to explain the Why and focus on the What.

What are they doing?

Journalists are lying. Doctors are ignoring the evidence. Politicians are not defending our rights. For today, it doesn’t actually matter why.

You don’t have to know that anyone desires depopulation to simply point out that the shots were rushed to market with billions of dollars at stake.

Motivation comes into the court case when it comes time to sentence. The murderer who planned it in advance is usually given a stronger sentence than the murderer who killed someone in a moment of passion. Until that point in the case, the important question is not Why did they kill, but simply Did they kill.

I would kill to prove that the answer to that question is an emphatic Yes.

Coming up: I’ve been getting emails about the job search. Folks are sharing successes and questions regarding how to find employment unvaxed. Do you have testimony or questions to contribute to this? I’ll be working on a li’l series to discuss. Email to Cheers.

3 responses to “Credibility: Why it’s our most valuable (and endangered) asset”

  1. Hello Palmer, I am formerly from Vancouver, WA and recently put my things in storage and resigned as a para from VSD. I am staying and helping my son here in Boston with the grandkids. As you might already know the new mayor here has mandated the vax for all city workers, as well as children if you want to attend sporting events, museums, restaurants, etc. My son will not give them to his 5 and 10 year old. He is a Boston fireman and is up against this mandate as well. So far he is holding out, but he is extremely stressed not knowing how he is going to provide for his family. Many say “he should just get the jab.” I’m really not sure what I want to ask…but if you have any leads here in Boston on jobs for the unvaxed or any advice on holding the line; it would be much appreciated. I really enjoy your blog! Thank you, laural

  2. Palmer – miss you out here in WA. Appreciate your perspective on things we have discussed many times. Really appreciated your analogy to seed planting. You are right, can only plant seeds and you have no control over when they might sprout if ever. But you can control planting the seeds. Take care and keep planting!

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