Beyond the narrative: The truths that drive everything I do

Beyond the narrative: The truths that drive everything I do

As an activist I have spent two years advocating that people stand up for their rights. Unmask. Speak up. Stand.

As a “walkaway Democrat” I have spent two years talking about the idiocy of the leftist narrative, the corruption of our political system, and the manipulation of our media.

But all these conversations tend to be in the context of the narrative, a black-and-white, win/lose dichotomy that allows for two options: Stop the machine now, or lose everything.

What if that’s not the plan?

I don’t ask that question often because it usually makes my fellow patriots’ heads start to exude steam. But today’s the day to share. There are three assumptions that drive what I do… and what I don’t. Here goes.

One: I never expected any of it to work.

Not today, anyway.

I have seen small victories as an activist. At the same time there is usually a complex web of factors contributing to any outcome, and it is risky – if not foolishly self-aggrandizing – to take credit.

I was, for instance, disappointed by the “Wag the Dog” stunt pulled by 3rd Congressional District candidate Joe Kent’s campaign. They began by spreading a manipulative image to promote a protest of quarantine camps outside the Washington Board of Health offices, and ended with them taking credit for the fact that camps were “taken off” the BOH meeting agenda… when in reality quarantine camps, as I’ve mentioned before, were never on the BOH meeting agenda.*

The real victory that day was won by one individual who signed up to comment on the Zoom using the name “Lesko Brandon.” Whoever you are, thank you. You brought a much-needed laugh for many.

Too many folks expect this to be a war won in a day, a month or a year. It’s not. A war is won when it’s won.

No one knew what the decisive battle of WWII would be, they just kept fighting.

Americans aren’t afraid of a fight, but those who see this as a battle to be won in one rally or one election cycle will lose heart.

That’s why I keep using war metaphors, not to be vainglorious, or to discount the valor of soldiers participating in physical combat.

I use war metaphors because I want you to take care of yourself.

If you don’t take it this seriously, you won’t make it. You will burn out.

I was burning out, living on coffee and rage – which is why God picked me up by the scruff of my neck and deposited me in central Idaho. Take a break, girl. We got a long one ahead of us.

Two: We must fight this battle.

This is nonnegotiable. If you are awake, you must choose a side, and if you are on our side you must take a stand. It is that simple.

You don’t have to stress over what to do. God will give you plenty. He will call you to be honest with your children. He will urge you to shop unmasked. He will show you how to pray like you’ve never prayed. He will drive you to research something you didn’t think you were smart enough to grasp. It doesn’t have to be public or dramatic. You just have to own that you are now opposed to a very large, very scary machine that wants to eat you for breakfast. What happens after that is between you and God and is, absolutely, beautiful.

Three: We should track God, not the machine.

If we all paid less attention to what the machine is doing and more attention to what God is doing, we would each be more energized and confident in our stand. It is certainly what motivates me. Here’s some examples.

  • The woman who loses her job and now finds herself at home, spending more time with her kids and addressing the issues that had been piling up under the dining room table.
  • The man who wakes up to the toxicity of industrial healthcare and finally starts taking care of his body instead of popping pills.
  • The nurse who quits her job due to the mandates and starts her own home-care business, finally providing the kind of care she always wanted to.
  • The husband who realizes he’s not going to be passive anymore and starts taking a leadership role in his family.
  • The pastor who decides to speak freely, and becomes the voice for millions.
  • The housewife who decides to run for school board because she is fed up, and finally swings the vote in her district.

These are all really happening. And they’re happening because of the tyranny, because of the shutdown, because of the mandates.

We are all being forced to become stronger, more authentic, more informed.

This is not an opportunity to be stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted. It is an opportunity to be a hero in your daily life. No one else may even know you’re doing it, but you’d better believe God does. How often in human history have we had that opportunity?

Look into the wind and say Thank you Jesus.

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*A WAC that provides allowance for camps was listed as a reference, among other WACs, for the policy discussion, but the BOH meeting was a virtue signaling discussion about equity and the virtues of vaccines – there was never any time scheduled or spent discussing camps.

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