I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: We won’t win until we stop focusing on what we don’t want and start focusing on what we do. We “freedom people” are tripping over each other. We can’t agree on candidates, legislation, groups, group names, even simple facts.

This just makes us vulnerable.

I was startled by the recent outrage over the WAC that provides for quarantine camps, referenced for tomorrow’s BOH meeting.

The WAC has been in place for years. If they wanted to put us in camps, they would. They wouldn’t invite public discussion prior to doing so, they would just do it. But some zealous interpretation went viral and now half the state is up in arms about policy that isn’t even the point of the meeting.

Is the WAC appalling? Yes. Are they considering camps? Maybe. Did they start considering camps this month? Not hardly.

Do they care what you think about them?

Pause before answering that.

Difficult truth one: They took away our rights a long time ago. A few sensible folks saw it happening and started quietly making arrangements – downsizing, moving off to Alaska, stockpiling – while the rest of us kept running the rat race from our corporate cubicle to Costco and back each week.

We wanted our flat screen TVs, antibiotic hand soap and “safe” air travel. We got it.

But now we are shocked, shocked that Obama and Fauci and Gates were building the cages for our future imprisonment one perk, one amber alert, one administrative code at a time.

Difficult truth two: The entire system is a feedlot. We are trained starting from birth to watch shiny commercials, obey the nice teacher, be safe, wear a helmet, donate to the cancer fund. It was all conditioning and we were all Sheeple.

We want to blame the other side, laugh at the woke, mock Karen, swap memes about liberty. Like we know better. But this swagger prevents us from ripping off the bandaid and dressing the ugly wound of truth: We messed up.

We accepted peaceful slavery for a long time.

Difficult truth three: the only difference between us and them is that we’ve busted out. We’re the Sheeple who ripped the tracking tag off our fuzzy little ear and are running around in the dark outside the fence, bleeting to each other, arguing over whether any of the other farms can be trusted or if we have to go off into the wild.

Wild. Unsheeped.

Let us just for a moment have some humility as we face the coming year and ask What’s next. We may be awake now. But we weren’t.

We didn’t track the votes. We didn’t say Enough. We didn’t turn it off.

Sure, I was awake about some stuff. You probably were too. If we added up all the bits of truth we had each accumulated over the years, we’d probably amass the equivalent of Wikipedia – without the bias. But we didn’t, and this is really my point.

We didn’t compare notes because a feedlot keeps its creatures in channels. One sheep does not get to interact with the other. The enemy likes division and we’re still letting that play out. Husbands dismiss the warnings of their wives; sons shrug off the principles of their grandparents. We’ve stopped trusting each other.

We trust screens. And you may say, Not me, I’ve stopped watching TV. I’m delighted to hear it. But have you really kicked your screen addiction? Because it looks like most folks are still spending a lot of time scrolling Rumble and Instagram…

Difficult truth four: Sharing a link is not activism. I’ve said it before: Real life happens offline. Sharing a link is confirmation bias; it is perpetuating the manipulation; it is a time-suck. Ooh I can hear folks getting mad I said that…

Clickbait happens on the right as much as the left. Turn it all off.

We need real live community. Where are we going to find it?

The structures that used to bind us together have fallen. The news is propaganda, the church is asleep, the neighborhood in quarantine. We have been thrown together into this new environment with all these strange sheep we don’t know. Who can we trust? Where do we go?

You can see it coming, can’t you. Like a train wreck. Like a storm cloud. Like a…

Like an Act of God.

You guessed it, my last difficult truth is Jesus himself.

The atheists reading this will throw up their hands saying, Oh geez she’s at it again. When will Palmer stop being so religious.

(It always cracks me up that people call me that; I’m about as “religious” as Kermit the Frog. But moving on…)

We wanted Trump to be our Moses. I’m not saying anything either way about Trump today. I am saying: the direction we need has to come from the church, and if there is no pastor to provide it, we must. We must, as Christians, come together and start articulating God’s vision. I’m talking repentance, fasting, revisiting the Word, prayer, prophecy.

The church is not a top-down corporation. There is no more time to sit around waiting for Franklin Graham to wake up or Pastor Tom to take off his mask. The church is the body of believers. It’s time we acted like it.

We are sheep, but we have a shepherd. And if we can’t get our human shepherds to lead us, it is our responsibility to come together to seek Jesus’ leadership directly. If we do that, we – the people – can stand united.

If we are willing to stop acting like we know everything and submit to the one who does.

5 responses to “Unsheepled”

  1. Hi Palmer!
    That was an amazing read!!! Very insightful!
    I hope you are happy and thriving in Idaho!!🇺🇸❤️

  2. You are right on point. The almighty God is our only refuge and our only recourse, we have no other; no more medicine, no more scientists, no more politicians, no nothing to hide behind. Our only path is repentance and full trust/obedience to the Lord. Blessings!

  3. I get it that too many people are sitting on the sidelines thinking Christianity is a spectator sport and we need to unite and take action but again that’s what some are doing in relation to the BOH meeting.

    The BOH denial about quarantining is a diversionary tactic, pay no attention to the authorization of detainment w/o due process and forced to take a medication w/o your consent and the fact the state has put in quarantine facilities as they offered job postings for these detainment operations. Never mind that the document they claim is not under consideration but was certified on October 25, 2019. Never mind that we’re almost two years in on two weeks to slow the spread and Inslee and his uni-party Democrats haven’t given up one inch while other states are wide open.

    During the same time these unelected ‘health’ officials have dictated to their counties directives and have not been held to account or reversed. WA St is one of the last holdouts that still requires face diapers. Don’t think for a moment that albeit the WAC are advisories, the uni-party and Inslee will certainly take advantage of putting forth additional restrictions. Who’s going to stop them, the Republican party?

    One Washington responds to the BOH meeting with Rep. Jesse Young: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEgvwHYp0Vw

    BOH meeting agenda, it’s here in black and white from the very document about WAC 246-100.

    6. Public Comment (Note: Public Testimony on Item 9, Rules Hearing Continuance for Communicable and Other Certain Diseases, Chapter 246- 100 WAC, will begin at 1:30 p.m.)

    9. Rules Hearing Continuance– Communicable and Other Certain Diseases, Chapter 246-100 WAC – Testimony Will Be Taken – Possible Action

    Furthermore, when a leftist governor does something sadistic like what’s going on in California, NY, MI, etc. Inslee can’t move fast enough to follow suit. The following was just announced in California.

    Newsom Announces Operation Omicron Offensive in California – Includes Door to Door Visits and Taking Over Local Media to Fight “Misinformation” https://medicalkidnap.com/2022/01/10/newsom-announces-operation-omicron-offensive-in-california-includes-door-to-door-visits-and-taking-over-local-media-to-fight-misinformation/

    All of this is to run interference before the Supreme Court rules on these unconstitutional ‘vaccine’ mandates in order to inject as many as possible with these mRNA gene therapy injections.

    • I enjoyed the article but enjoyed Ed’s response even more. And I agree that sharing links isn’t a form of activism and I’ve been very guilty of that myself as I started my own telegram channel. But trying to share truth with others I believe is super important especially the people who are not awake. I plan to get more active in the local community this year because I know how serious of a situation we’re in and the importance of building community. We need to unite as much as possible and put our differences aside. I actually believe the most important thing you can do right now is work on yourself. Try to become your healthiest self mentally, spirtually, emotionally and physically. And when you’re your best self you can be there more for others in this crucial time for humanity. Peace and Love to you all

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