Changing roles in a silent war

Changing roles in a silent war

So I’m living in central Idaho. I’ve started a job working for an awake individual. Like me, he sees this as “God’s reset,” not the End Times… in fact he shared with me the Perfect Storm prophecy, which I had not been familiar with, but find confirming.

Outside of this job, which is a blessing, I am admittedly struggling with what might be called “bored activist syndrome.” I miss rallies, I miss brainstorming, I miss meeting yet another feisty freedom fighter.

This area only closed up / masked up for a few months. Not a perfect track record, but still a far shorter period of time than we’ve experienced in Washington.

An interesting side effect: Folks here haven’t had to decide where they stand. There is no silent war waging here. I’m referring to the war of values that destroyed marriages, alienated families, and left so many unemployed. That only happened in places where the tyranny is so complete, you had to take a side.

Places like Washington.

Most of my friends in Washington, as well as myself and my parents, have lost loved ones. Relationships have been torn apart over everything from BLM to keeping one’s business open, church to “what is covid.”

Here, folks likely have strong beliefs, but there is a big difference between thinking you stand for something, and actually standing for it.

For better and worse, many of us had to do so and suffer the consequences. My brother is alive, but his absence this Christmas was as gloomily noticeable as the empty seat of Tiny Tim. How many of us felt this way, mourning the loss of a wife or husband, child or friend – still alive, but no longer speaking to us, in fact, often calling us monsters?

I lost my brother in the silent war. He hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half. If we had lived here when the BLM riots broke out in Seattle, he would have been watching on the news alongside me, wondering what was going on. We’d probably both still be moderate liberals, slowly drifting into the Matrix without noticing. But we’d still be good friends. Folks sometimes thought we were twins in spite of our six years’ difference. We always encouraged each other to follow our hearts.

If we’d lived here, we’d still be celebrating Christmas together.

But I don’t want to go back to that old normal. I don’t want to go back to who I was then, asleep.

I hadn’t realized that in many parts of the country, folks never left it.

I say this, not to complain, but as a love letter to those of you still in the trenches. Be reassured. God’s heart is with those who took or are taking a stand, and in the months to come, the work we did will make it easier to do whatever’s next.

As part of my love letter I will also say this: God grieves for us even when we can’t. Many of us, particularly “awake” women, are so busy navigating this crazy season, we have barely taken the time to mourn. But he sees. He carries our hearts like a treasure – ready to remind us that, even when we feel hard, and cold, and ready for battle – he made us to be creatures who love.

We must remember to be human. We will need every ounce of love we have.

Action items…

If you are in Washington, you have probably seen messages circulating about a Board of Health meeting on January 12. It appears they are discussing how much authority they can exercise, based on existing WACs, to enforce COVID tyranny. Here is a great write-up from ICWA with everything you need to know.

If you are in Clark County, the Medical Freedom Petition has been accepted to the County Council for a vote. The first public meeting for this is February 1. Please subscribe here so Rob can keep you updated on action items.

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  1. This morning we woke up again and did our usual Zillow search to find a place we could move outside of Washington, Oregon or California. Any free state with work will do. We love our neighborhood and we love our small town, but most of all, we love Washington. We don’t want to leave, but the regulations and the politics of this region are dark. Listening to President Biden’s speech this week made me sick. I’ve never heard anything more divisive. I had to counter it with George Ws 20 year anniversary of 911 speech in order not to go down that dark rabbit hole I’ve felt so many times. We are better and smarter than this and we are sitting back allowing politics to divide us. At this point I don’t talk to friends about anything deeper than the here and now. I consider myself center, possibly center right. I’ve lost friends on the right and left. There seems to be no room for discussion, only absolutes here. Thanks for the note of encouragement. It does feel like we’re in the trenches.

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