Life outside the Matrix

Life outside the Matrix
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2 responses to “Life outside the Matrix”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts!
    They are all things many have had to consider. It does feel painful. And I live and work in an environment that is pretty alternative and still, I am one of the only ones awake to the situation. It has been a shitty year for feeling pretty alone in my community. I have had many moments of feeling alienated due to the discriminations that are continuing here. I am truly grateful to those that will take a stand, express and be vulnerable to finding their path with complete strangers. I mean, even things I feel like I truly need, like sitting in meditation with others, taking classes at the local woodworking school, or getting pizza at my old favorite spot do not welcome me anymore. These were the type of things that supported me (not the pizza! I just loved that place) to feel community in a society that always felt foreign to me. The day I found out these “open minded” establishments for peaceful gathering and learning are also totally under the spell, at least here in Western Washington was and is a tough time. My heart feels heavy as I lift myself daily to try and live the best life I can. I spend most of my time in nature or creating things with my hands and it is great but the feeling of discrimination is awful. I never go to Costco and never will. So for me the creature comforts are not as strong as they may be for others. But the lack of well being for humanity is what seems so off to me right now. I have so much to be great full for and hope that I can continue here in Washington. I just have to be ok with more and more solo time.
    Thank you for your words!
    Be well and Merry Christmas!
    Shelli Thompson

  2. Palmer,

    Merry Christmas! Your message resonates with me so much. There is opportunity in all situations and in this moment we’re being led to a better way of life. We just need to look for it.

    Happy 2022!

    ❤️ Geri

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