Rethinking Autism

Rethinking Autism

Since we’ve been having this unexpected discussion about autism, I will share the book and program that changed my understanding. Del Bigtree covered this in August, but it gets buried in our political vax debates. I will say that if you have autistic children this can be hard to process.

The idea is that autism limits motor control but that mentally these individuals are completely functioning and even gifted. They use letter boards to “spell to communicate.”

The industrial healthcare system has so successfully demonized this program that parents and therapists who would otherwise be interested, ignore it completely. 

They need a LOT more practitioners to train families in this communication method. I know some of you out there are looking for work (ahem) and have the professional background to do this. Consider getting involved. It’s a 6 month remote program. Obviously it is a medical freedom organization.

I was told they look for folks with a background in therapy, education or healthcare. Learn more on their website.

JB Handley’s book Underestimated, written with his son, documents the journey they took with this program. Keep tissues handy when you read it.

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  1. Hi, Do you have any news on Scott Miller? I have not heard anything.

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    • The last update I received was that he had submitted his response and it was back in review. I don’t know how long that takes. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to track things very closely the past couple weeks due to personal transitions.

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