A humble timeline to explain why we need to talk.

I move home from NYC to WA to “settle down.” But never seem to feel safe doing so.

Why has my grandpa complained my whole life about Seattle’s expensive and never-finished transit plans, while the rest of the state turns into one big obese strip mall, dotted with Costco’s and REIs? Homeless camps bloom, suburbs sprawl, housing prices skyrocket.

Is this… growth?

I start having apocalyptic dreams. Researching, I discover TEOTWAKI culture. I ask everyone I know, and discover *everyone,* regardless of demographic, is worried about the fragility of our global infrastructure, and/or other disasters (liberals fear climate disaster, conservatives global war, both sides fear disease).

2014-2016 explore prepping… decide I am a poor prepper.

Note painful dichotomy of being a socialist prepper – stay tuned.

Campaigning for Bernie, I am confused by the media coverage. I stand in line in SEA for hours at two rallies of 20k+ people. Surely that kind of grassroots engagement is headline-worthy? Yet… zero coverage. How odd.

Friends speak glowingly of Amazon removing anti-Hilary products. When I say, “That’s censorship,” they say… “So?”

When Trump wins, my boss’s wife goes into mourning.

I decide I am confused. Everyone is so upset and angry. I don’t get it.

My head goes in the sand.

My mom is begging me to watch these videos. I am not watching videos, I have my head in the sand, remember?

The videos are of Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, #walkaway Democrats.

I realize I Am Not Alone.

Around the same time, I hear God ask, “What do you want?”

I say, “I just want to know you.”

I hear, “Then go to church.”

Hah! The last place I’d look for truth!

So in 2018 I start to wake up on all levels.

You don’t wake up instantly. It is a long and painful thing. Everything you believe falls into question. How do I feel about welfare? The Old Testament? Mac n cheese?

What do I *know* about policy, Scripture, lifestyle?

Not much.

It is HUMBLING to realize you were more parrot than citizen.

I was slightly prepared for the shutdown because I knew that they were manipulating us, I knew they were organized, and I knew they were up to no good.

But I didn’t know *what to do* about it.

People like Joey Gibson, Kelli Stewart and Jim Walsh have shown me things we can do.

I went to a few reopening rallies and fell in love.

I quit my job a year ago over these issues, and haven’t looked back.

A sign wave in the snow. Waking Up WA was just a way to give back to the freedom community. It was never a brand I wanted to build, it was never about me… I never even wanted WA to be a state that needed such a huge ecosystem of activists to try to save it.

Many protests and rallies later, I am proud of the work we’ve done. Never perfect, never finished – just … better. A sign wave outside Costco is always better than shopping at Costco.


I don’t want to leave, but I also have to be honest. I have to sell my house, my folks have gone to Idaho, and I have… no skin… in this game.

I never started a family here because this state never smelled right.

My name is Palmer, and I started Waking Up WA in early 2021 to do sign waves in Vancouver. I am not the biggest, I am not the boldest, and I am not the bravest activist in this state.

I just know how to use Telegram.

So you tell me.

Oh and did I mention? I turn 40 Thursday.

Waking up WA… I think we have woken up any lions still sleeping.

What’s next?

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