Updates from the field

The healthcare crew is ON FIRE for their rights. We’ve been powering through every option and have legal help ramping up ASAP. This is extending out into government and first responders – are we going to let our cornerstone teachers, nurses and LEOs walk because they won’t vax? Stay tuned.

I was honored to capture powerful testimony yesterday from a Vietnam Vet who is speaking out against the jab.

Watch video on Odysee

Everyone is asking about exemptions. Basically this step is a necessary evil. We shouldn’t have to explain why we’re choosing not to inject experimental gene therapies. Lawyers are recommending it because if/when the exemption is declined, that potentially creates grounds for a wrongful termination case. If you want to prepare an exemption, write a simple statement of faith. Wait until the last possible moment to submit it.

I’ve assembled – with much help – an updated list of resources on avoiding the jab here.

In terms of legislation the Republicans put forward 5 bills this week that all failed. We must focus on election integrity and education to get a voice in the House in 2022. Washington is more red than we think but we’ll have to fight for it.

Hey we all have our firsts and my first AM radio spots happened this week. Live from a protest and a follow up the next day when Inslee issued his new mask mandate.

I am personally convinced this will be won in the 11th hour when the system realizes 20-25% if the workforce really is about to walk and they have to start accepting exemptions.

Meanwhile the atrocities in Afghanistan are precursors to serious conflict – Holy War?

The emotional state of conservatives is getting spicy with a dash of chilled determination. Before you load your gun let me just ask you this: have you used your words today? We all have opportunities to push back, every day. Let us each pray for courage to do it, calmly, now.

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